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At SiteCompli, we hire brilliant, creative, passionate problem solvers to build great products, services and experiences for our customers, the largest real estate organizations in the world.

Each employee has a fundamental impact on our company and our culture – indeed, our real expertise is hiring superstars that make our work great, our office fun, and our clients happy.

Our team has enabled us to build game changing technology and services. In just a few short years we’ve changed the way real estate is managed and have assembled an unprecedented client list; nearly every major owner and manager of real estate in the NYC landscape uses SiteCompli’s web-based technology to run their buildings. But our work is just beginning, so if you’re an ambitious self-starter with an entrepreneurial bent we need your skills. 


If the idea of building turbo boosters for a rocket and then installing them while the jet is flying at 30,000 ft. in the air excites you, then you’ve come to the right place. If you prefer building Drupal sites out of PSD’s you slice yourself and hosting them on a GoDaddy account you share with your friend’s sister’s band’s website… well, we won’t say it.
At SiteCompli, our software is used by thousands of people and is available around the clock. Consequently, we have dozens of servers and hundreds of thousands of lines of code. We’re constantly innovating the product and continually investing in scale and infrastructure. Therefore, we need a software engineer who is inspired by complex technological challenges that can only be solved through critical thought, hard work, and collaboration.
In sum, we’re looking for someone who understands the principles of good software development and can come up with creative, elegant solutions to complex problems and express them in PHP. Just as important, to be successful in our organization, you must also be a passionate self-directed individual who enjoys taking ownership, questions everything, and values team collaboration.


• Bring solutions, insights and expertise (and great code) to the team of fellow software developers, playing a critical role in turning product specs. into a reality
• Help champion project and process management across our growing development teams
• Work alongside Product Management to identify the most effective and efficient programmatic solutions to complex business challenges
• Be an evangelist throughout the company for the high-quality code, architecture, development process, and, as a result, stellar industry-leading products


• Has 3-5 years of recent experience in hands-on software development, working on web-based products; focus on B2B SaaS applications is a bonus
• Has 2+ years of experience as a LAMP programmer with an eye towards leveraging best practices, good MySQL query and table design and performance optimization
• Has a BS/BA/MS/PhD in Computer Science (or a great reason for not having one, and believe us, there are plenty) and maintained a high GPA.
• Has experience with MVC frameworks such as Cake, Zend and CodeIgniter
• Has a strong working knowledge of front-end technologies (HTML5, AJAX, JavaScript, CSS, browser compliance, etc.)
• Understands principles of good architecture and can come up with creative, elegant solutions to complex problems
• Has experience with cloud technologies and developing for cloud hosts
• Has experience developing high-traffic, high-availability and scalable solutions
• Has experience with unit testing and/or test automation
• Is an articulate communicator with outstanding verbal and written communication skills
• Has a passion for clean, concise (and thus beautiful) pragmatic code paired with a strong sense of product design & usability
• Is committed to producing top quality, well designed and flexible software
• Has a great understanding of web technologies and how they work
• Excellent problem solving, creative thinking and self-motivation skills
• Has prior experience with Agile or Waterfall development methodologies
• Can multi-task, prioritize and take ownership of a project and bring it to successful completion
• Wants to be part of an entrepreneurial, high-energy, and fun culture with the desire to dive into start-up life and grow with the company
• Has worked as part of a team and is able to accept and provide constructive feedback as part of code reviews with their team and manager
• Can articulate how a solution was coded in terms that a non-programmer can understand
• Is genuinely motivated to stay on top of their technical skills by attending conferences, user groups and engaging the technology community
• Experience within the real estate industry is not required but is preferable


At SiteCompli we hire energetic self-starters who aspire to come up with brilliant ideas and have a passion for turning those ideas into production-ready code. We take great pride in creating an environment where our people can flourish. As technologists at SiteCompli, we love it when:

• The product and development teams collaborate on existing and future products ensuring each contributor has a seat at the table
• We figure out how to solve a problem in 20 lines of code when the other possible solutions would have taken 50
• The QA team comments on our good grammar when we respond to their tickets
• Management insists we add a few EXTRA days to the timeline to make sure we increase quality and reduce risk
• Our Sales team files tickets in our bug tracker rather than firing spitballs at the development team when things don’t look quite right
• Our Client Services team makes a reference to the Fibonacci sequence when they talk about the priority on a task and know that a scrum master isn’t a character from Dungeons and Dragons
• We get to prototype with new technologies that improve the way we do business and expand our horizons as technologists
• Engineers leave the office to have lunch with engineers from other companies, charge it to their corporate card and come back to the office full of food and inspiration
• Our iCinga/Nagios installation sends us an email on Saturday at 11 pm just to say “hi” because there are no critical issues to report on and it misses us
• Our QA team doesn’t have to reopen a ticket because our engineers have tested their own code prior to handing off to QA


If you’ve read down this far, you’re probably thinking, “so what’s under the hood?” To give you a sense of the world that we live in, here’s a list of words that come up in our vocabulary all the time:
PHP, Icinga, MVC, FogBugz, RabbitMQ, IBM V7000 (really!), Python, slave, MySQL, XML, JSON, SOAP, svn, Redhat, Ubuntu, scrum, TDD, git, Big Data, Open Source, memcached, CakePHP, QA
What do we do with all this stuff? In a nutshell, our technology helps owners and managers of real estate stay on top of their compliance with local laws. It does this by consuming large amounts of data—from logs of 311 complaints to reports on construction permits—synthesizing it, and relaying nuggets of relevant information to the proper parties via email alerts, a web site, and other tools such as calendar feeds. For more information, check out our website at


Launched in 2008 by Columbia Business School alumni Jason Griffith and Ross Goldenberg, our organization is built around talented, energetic, self-directed, and creative people who love to work in an entrepreneurial environment, value collaboration, and strive to constantly redefine the norms.
SiteCompli is the leading provider of compliance technology to commercial and residential property owners, managers, and service companies in New York City. Our technology monitors some of the most important and iconic buildings in the City, including the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building, and One Bryant Park, among many others.

Our mission is to build a team of creative, intelligent, self-directed, and intellectually curious people, and together build an amazing company while fundamentally changing the way Real Estate is managed in New York City.


SiteCompli is causing a paradigm shift in real estate, changing the way buildings are measured, acquired and managed. Our office speaks to our culture – open, collaborative, eclectic and fun. We are a passionate group, whether we’re working hard and creating a new process or product on our whiteboard-painted walls, conducting a brainstorm session at our conference table made of 32,000 Legos, or playing hard on our Nintendo Wii or Ping Pong Table. Located in Chelsea’s Silicon Alley, we’re in the center of a thriving neighborhood filled with great restaurants, stores and other great tech firms.


• The opportunity to work in a high growth, high impact, supportive & entrepreneurial culture
• The equipment of your choice--whether it be Mac, PC or Amiga 2000, if you want it, you got it
• The opportunity to work with truly amazing and creative people every day while we build our dream company together
• A competitive compensation package
• Rapid promotion and growth opportunities
• Generous dental and medical benefits
• The opportunity to participate in high intensity and fairly hilarious ping pong matches while contemplating ways to decorate our super-cool loft in the Flatiron district
• The opportunity to attend team meetings on a table made out of 32,000 hand placed Legos
• Add to our collection of quirky hobbies including latte art drawing, yoga, glass blowing, cheese making, beer brewing, and molecular gastronomy